Base P2P is a research based manufacturer of nano cleaning and coating solutions suitably intended for consumer, commercial and industrial use. Our range of innovative products ensures efficiency and durability in day to day use across many industries. Our formulators are supported by highly skilled chemists with many years of experience manufacturing surfactants and additives that provides peace of mind to its adopters and users.

With a production lab based in Malaysia, it has successfully manufactured and supplied chemically engineered cleaning and coating solutions. Write to us to enquire how our products can be integrated into your business/system ensuring significant enhancement in surface protection technology.


Nano-technology gives us the ability to develop and alter materials at the molecular level. Manufacturing at the atomic level allows chemical engineers to alter the physical characteristics of parent material atom-by-atom to create entirely new substances that affects the functions of many different products we use today. Nano based surfactants, polymers, glass and ceramic coatings, has radically altered the life expectancy of almost all finished surface and has also greatly improved the efficiency of manufacturing plants through introduction of additives that positively increases productivity of finished products.

Industrial Coatings | Fluids and additives that reduces friction and dissipates heat.

Architectural Coatings and Surfactants | Reducing surface energy and tension making rain simply beads off while picking up dirt. Enhances and minimizes maintenance of architectural structures for years.

Residential Coatings and Surfactants | Ensures easy maintenance while preserving the new look for years.

Marine Coatings and Surfactants | Extended protection from marring, oxidation and barnacle build-up.

Automotive Coatings and Surfactants | High gloss and scratch resistant coatings. Visit our website